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The current McHenry Metals Golf Inc. (FLA) was incorporated in the state of Florida in April 2003. The company is privately and individually owned. The principal executive office of the Company is located at 4502 Marquette Ave., Jacksonville, FL, and its telephone number is 866-410-2544, contact email: gmartz@mchenrymetals.com. McHenry Metals Golf Incorporation (MMG) purchased the assets of McHenry Metals from McHenry Golf Designs, Inc. in May of 2003.

McHenry Metals was originally founded in 1997, by the late Gary V. Adams, who is widely recognized as the "Father of the metal wood”. Adams was also the founder and former chairman of Taylor Made Golf Company, one of the largest golf equipment companies in the world.  Since it’s founding, McHenry Metals has invested close to $20 million to establish a reputation for performance and quality in the premium driver and fairway wood business. Between 1998 and 2000 the company sold close to 25,000 drivers and fairway metals generating approximately $10 million in sales. McHenry Metals first product, the TourPure® driver, pioneered the combination of titanium and tungsten. TourPure quickly became the #1 Driver on the Senior PGA Tour, was #1 in Driving Accuracy on the PGA Tour in 1999 and 2000, and has over 20 tour victories to its credit. McHenry Metals’ success in improving accuracy is a result of its exclusive “PowerRing Technology” that allows for optimum weight distribution and stability through impact.

Since its inception McHenry Metals utilized a variety of sales and distribution channels, including off-course golf stores and on-course pro shops, on-course product demonstrations (demo-days), direct response catalogs, outbound telemarketing, e-commerce via Internet e-tailers, the Company’s web site, distributors with domestic and international accounts and a customer list of over 35,000 golfers. In support of these channels for sales and distribution, the Company advertised its products on national television networks such as The Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and CBS. It has also placed advertising and received editorial coverage in major golf publications such as Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, GolfWeek, GolfWorld, and the GolfPlus edition of Sports Illustrated.  Beginning in 1998, the Company utilized 8-time Emmy Award winning broadcaster Dick Enberg as its primary spokesman. The Company maintained a presence on the PGA and related Tours. Fred Funk and Bobby Clampett from the PGA Tour, and Senior PGA Tour players Tom Jenkins and Fred Gibson and Brian Barnes have all endorsed McHenry Metals drivers in the past.

The legendary “heritage” of McHenry Metals is based on the accomplished career of Gary V. Adams. Adams received numerous awards and accolades, including “Man of the Year” by the National Golf Association, “Innovator of the Decade” by the International Network of Golf, and the PGA of America’s highest honor, the “Ernie Sabayrac Award” for lifetime contributions to the game of golf. Other notable recipients of this award include Ely Callaway and Karsten Solheim. In the near future the late Gary V. Adams is expected to be elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame.

With the untimely death of Gary V. Adams (1943-2000), the original company lost its golf visionary and leader and subsequently “went on hold” and eventually dissolved without negative industry, distribution nor consumer impact.